The instructions are clear, but you need to apply the correct force not to break the pieces. If parents supervise the process or work together with their child, it is possible.

The code is set up during the assembly. The instruction provides you with three sample codes or you can set one up of your own choice. Once set and fully assembled, the code cannot be changed.

You blow on or spin the top gear and watch the other gears spin round. It is basically an educational model that demonstrates how gears work. It is fun to put together and showcase to your friends and family.

The axles are standard round toothpicks. If one breaks during the assembly or exploitation process, just replace it with a new one.

Candle wax may be applied to lubricate the axle and make it fit easier.

All the models are made of ecological plywood.

No. All the parts are pre-cut and can be easily taken out of a board by pressing lightly with your fingers. The parts stay in place on a board, connected by small cross pieces. If you experience difficulties removing a part off the board, simply use a cardboard box opener to detach it.

To safely release a part from the board and avoid any potential damage to it, gently press your fingers about the indicated lines. For the best assembly results and to ensure the correct fit we recommend checking each detail for flaws and removing imperfections using the finest grit sandpaper. If connecting of certain parts appears difficult, try using household wax candle to lubricate the parts.

Yes, you can paint it. We recommend using watercolor, gouache or mordant types of paint. You can use acrylic paints as well, however, the density may prevent gears from moving freely.

Use candle wax from any household candle to grease parts of the plug or the axle. If you are unable to install the axle, we recommend that you disassemble the structure and grease the internal parts of the gear with candle wax.

Each set is supplied with everything necessary for assembly, according to each model’s specific requirements.  In some instances, you may choose to use additional tools and substances, such as a small sharp knife or a box opener, household candle and sand paper.

Most models are suitable for children 14 years old and older. For certain models, your child may need additional parental assistance. Our mission is to unite children and their parents, while having good old-fashioned fun working with your hands and using your imagination.

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