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Those of you who enjoyed Ugears vehicles like the Roadster, U9 Grand Prix and the Dream Cabriolet will surely appreciate the newest (and the toughest !) addition to our model car range : the Drift Cobra Racing Car ! This model plays tribute to Shelby Cobra 427, arguably the best car ever roaming the roads of this Blue planet. Imagine a 7-liter 510 horsepower monster of an engine back in mid 1960s, accelerating to 60 mph in four seconds and boasting the top speed of 185 mph.

This particular model was American Ford’s response to Italian Ferrari’s dominance on the racing car scene. The Shelby Cobra 427, named after an automotive designer and former racing driver Carroll Shelby, lived up to the challenge and secured 4 consecutive wins at the world top 24-hour race event at Le Mans in 1966-1969. They were unbeatable and truly on fire ! 2019 movie ‘Ford vs Ferrari’, starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon, won an Oscar for depicting this epic battle between rival racing teams. American muscle cars featured mighty V8 engines fitted to moderately lightweight chassis.

Mass-produced, reasonably-priced and legal to use in the streets, muscle cars were notoriously famous for illegal street races and crashes. The excitement of gambling, however, was irresistible. Thus, on the days of the races the flat tires of the steel stallions were, again and again, burnt on the unforgiving asphalt. Bowing to the tradition and history, why not organize your own drag race with other model car lovers? This is a chance to shine that your Drift Cobra cannot miss! Unleash your beast of a vehicle on your unsuspecting friends’ cars, proving to them once and for all that the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors…


Ugears Drift Cobra is a stylish two-seat convertible with front wheels turning and doors opening. It also features a hood and trunk which you can raise. A powerful spring motor puts the Ugears Drift Cobra ahead of any rival model car. First move the air filter protruding from the hood to the windshield, then put the switch located in front of the passenger seat parallel to the door (into the ‘Lock’ position). Wind a ratchet knob located under the chassis. You don’t need to hold the knob all the time when you wind it. The knob the spring is fully loaded after about six turns and your automobile is ready for action! Like in a real car, the lever for shifting gears can be put in Drive, Reverse or Neutral position. A powerful spring is used intead of a customary rubber band, which means the car is able to go further and has a longer usability than similar models.Place your Cobra on a flat surface, slide the air filter forward, and observe your car perform spin outs (turn the wheels to one side before putting the model in motion), go in circles, or race away in a straight line (of up to eight meters !).

The DIY Drift Cobra Racing Car kit consists of 370 parts, requires approximately nine hours to assemble, and is considered just right for Advanced level model enthusiasts. All the components for bringing one of the most recognizable cars to life come in the box: precisely-cut high quality plywood pieces (put together without glue or special tools), a metal spring powering the engine, and a set of detailed illustrated instructions in eleven languages.

Ugears Drift Cobra Racing Car is an outstanding DIY project, making it an ideal gift for car enthusiasts among family and friends. Anybody who enjoyed the ‘Ford vs Ferrari’ movie, who is in love with car modelling, 3D puzzles, DIY projects, who values unsurpassed aesthetic and mechanical design, will definitely fall in love with this unique model.



Dimensions: 14.9 × 6.7 × 1.3 in
Assembled size: 10"x8.3"x4.5"
Estimated time of assembly: 9-16 hours
Difficulty level: Hard
Number of parts: 370
Tools and materials: Made of high quality plywood; assembly requires no glue or cutting
Recommended Age: 14+

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